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Cover Ups

We have experience in successfully covering up that tattoo that you no longer love.  Let's talk and make a plan so you are proud of your body art again!

Do you want a tattoo or a piece of art?

You need you to ask yourself a few questions before you make your decision that Pair-a-dice Ink is the right shop for you. Pair-a-dice Ink isn't for everyone but for the people who understand how we work, it is the greatest shop in the world. Do you just want a tattoo, or do you expect something more? We can do tattoos. We prefer to do something more. We often ask people, "Do you want the tattoo that you found on Google, or do you want the tattoo that people are Googling?" If you want a piece of art and not just a piece of ink you are on the right track. Here's the situation; we care about your tattoo just as much as you do. You wear your tattoo, but our name is forever attached to it. We take pride in our work and our reputation is flawless. You strive to have the best of everything in life and your tattoo should be no different.
You should have the confidence that the artwork you are wearing is of the highest quality. The design should be thoughtful, tasteful, and classy. Your artist should be dedicated to perfection. Welcome to Pair-a-dice Ink, we create unique tattoos for unique people.