What’s the healing process?

Once the tattoo procedure is done, proper aftercare is essential to the healing, and will affect the outcome of your tattoo. Improper care or neglect during the healing process can result in permanent negative effects, such as color loss and less than perfect details. After the artist has completed the application of the tattoo, it is up to you to finish the process properly by following the healing instructions given to you by AJ.

DO NOT expose to sunlight, tanning bed, chlorine, ocean, or submerge in any water for the duration of tattoo healing. Keep tattoo away from any unsanitary conditions throughout the entire healing procedure, and discontinue use of ointment after all scabs are gone. Most tattoos will take 8-12 days to surface heal, but it is not uncommon for some tattoos to take a bit longer depending on size, and color saturation, etc. After surface healing is complete, the use of water based skin lotion is recommended. In caring for your skin, you are also preserving your tattoo. Exposure to sun and tanning beds can be harmful for your skin, and thus, especially bad for any tattooed areas. It is best for the longevity of your tattoo, to avoid any direct exposure by keeping tattooed areas covered. Otherwise, always use a high SPF sun block when outdoors, and apply generously every hour or two in direct sunlight. High SPF sun block is NOT adequate protection for tanning beds, or new tattoos under 3-4 months old.

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